HiTech Productions
Special Event Services

Special Effects for Special Events!


HiTech Productions is a special events service company based in the DFW metroplex! We can provide technical services for any event, large or small. With a proven record of technical aspects, HiTech Productions is a fantastic choice for your next wedding, concert, corporate event, party, etc. Get in touch with us for a free consultation! HiTech Productions is the worry free decision.


Hi Tech Productions is the option to choose with our professional services. We will provide you with state of the art equipment that is reliable and dependable. Our experienced staff will ensure that your show will be the talk of the town. We come in, set up our equipment, neatly run cables, and have a blast; then tear down leaving the venue cleaner than before!


Live Sound

We have the sound system to suit your needs of size and power. We have popular brands such as JBL, Shure, SoundCraft, RCF, etc. Our mission is that every event that Hi Tech Productions is producing will sound crystal clear and booming.


Theatrical and Concert Lighting

With brands like Chauvet, High-End Systems, and Martin Lighting; Our lighting is no joke. If you want your event to be breathtaking, Hi Tech Productions can and will put on a show in brilliant colors.